So I've finally bitten the bullet and joined Twitter!
I'll be posting a bit more regularly there, when I'm on shoots and things that interest me!


Betty Magazine

Last week I did a shoot for Betty Magazine for an article on a step by step guide about how to create a beehive. It took place in a East London salon called The Painted Lady. Here are two of my images, the hair dresser and her salon front and the final beehive image.


A Preview

Just a little preview of a shoot I did a couple of weeks ago.

Sassoon Show

Last week my images were shown at Sassoon's Master Academy near Bond street, in a pop up show. I photographed 8 models, each were cut and coloured by a different hairdresser. These were my 4 favourite models and photographs. Such a lovely shoot and a successful day, cheers to Alex Pineda.

Above is my photograph of the exhibition, the images were projected and shown as a slideshow.



Last week I got the opportunity to spend a week in Sao Paulo, Brazil with a fantastic Sassoon team, just two UK models got to go which was Kat and myself. We had such an amazing time despite some hiccups. The 3 catwalk shows went really well, and we still managed to have enough time to run around the city enjoying vintage markets, dinners out, exploring different areas and a couple of photo shoots (the 3 images below and the yellow wall photos).
I fell in love with the graffiti there, why can't we create anything like this in England. I had such a lovely week with Kat, I'm so glad that we managed to stay over an extra day by ourselves! Also a big thank to the team out there that really looked after us. 
Click on the images if you want to see them any larger.


Maria Moderna A/W

Here are a few photographs that I took for Nika Urbas for her Maria Moderna A/W collection, there were quite a lot of looks that I was tempted to steal for myself! The model was the beautiful and so easy to work with Anna Popovich. The shoot was a lot of fun and we were very lucky with the weather, I can't wait to do it all over again soon hopefully!
You can see the rest of the images and the other looks on her boutique:


Dean James

The amazing Dean James is definitely not a man you would forget meeting anytime soon.

These were character shots for him. He's an utter pleasure to photograph and it was such a lovely day. I had a bit of a problem deciding which images to put up here because we managed to do so much in one afternoon. 

I can't wait to see what he comes out with next, one to watch out for!


Maria Moderna

A while ago I did a photo shoot with Nika Urbas for her fashion line Maria Moderna, again looking back through my older photographs I rediscovered them. So I thought I would share a couple of the images along with the link where you can buy her utterly fantastic clothes!

The one that I have my eye on is the Maria Moderna Home Dress (the one on the right), I adore the beautiful quilted details!

It was a really fun shoot to do, and I hope to work with Nika again soon.



One of the events that got in the way of my online life was a Sassoon trip to Sydney. I felt incredibly lucky to be asked to go again this year.
This year I also decided to stay a couple of extra days so the amazing Jaimie let me and another model Amanda stay at her house. She really was the best host, her breakfasts were some of the best I've ever had.
The extra two days where filled with a rainy trip to the zoo, fire works set to the song "baby you're a firework"... a light show happening around the centre of the capital, my bank blocking my card (useless people) but also lovely dinners and drinks to make up for the bank and weather.
Another difference with this trip was that Mark Hayes cut my hair on stage for the first show and I finally have a straight fringe, which is completely new experience for me. Below is Mark talking about my hair after the main show at the Sydney Convention Centre (not my photo of course!).


So it's been awhile

Sadly life seemed to have gotten in the way of my blog and updating my website with new images, which will be done shortly!

I was cleaning out my computer and external hard drive making room for new and hopefully exciting images when I came across the first photographs I did for an exhibition for Sassoon, so I thought I would share them here.

These were for my old hair dresser Jeremy Davies, who is one of the senior creative directors. The presentation was really fun to do, not only did I get to show around 20 of my photographs but I also modelled in the show.



Above is another photograph from the series I created of Amanda Brown.

As I mentioned in my pervious post I made and edited a video of the lovely Amanda. And here it is! I am pretty excited about the video, it will serve as an introduction to my series of photographs of her. It was a lot of fun to film, same as the rest of the shoot! The song is the intro of a cover of Crazy in Love by Antony and the Johnsons.
Hope you like it!


Lights and Amanda

It's been while since I last blogged but that doesn't mean I haven't be busy! 
I visited Calumet in search for new studio lights to call my own, instead of annoyingly having to beg, borrow or steal them constantly. First time I went to the store the woman wasn't the best of help. Mainly being condescending, unhelpful and kept directing me towards cheaper and not as nice lights when I had already stated that I would love one of the Pro Bowens two head kits. So understandably I was not looking forward to going back but I ended up with a lovely guy serving me instead this time. I choose the 750 Pro two head kit, he even managed to get a second larger soft box with all the trimmings thrown in for free!
To put my new purchase to good use one of the girls, Amanda, who also models for Sassoon, was available on the monday afternoon for a little fun test shoot at my flat, because the second part of our living room is a studio. And if things couldn't have been planned better she had just done a presentation show at one of the Bond street salons so we didn't have to worry about hair or make up!
Splattered across this blog entry is my photographs of the very beautiful Amanda, I'm only including a few photographs for now but watch out for some more on my website next week. During the shoot I also wanted to experiment with video I made little films after each outfit, background and lighting set ups were done. I'm currently editing it and going through a few different ideas for pacing and music, so once it is done I'll be publishing it on here.


Feeling a little Fruity

So here is my video of the wonderful Ama going a little fruity in Bologna:

It's taken me a bit longer to get this uploaded that I first thought because I got distracted with other work going on. But better late then never.

This was my first time editing and playing with video. I am quite pleased with it, however I think it would have been better if I actually had my tripod with me, maybe next time then!



The trip was such an amazing time, excluding dramas of lost money and phones, missed flights etc. But what made it was the people I was with, the fantastic city and shows were a great bundle of fun. I am very pleased to report a growing addiction to Italian coffee and a new favourite desert of ice cream mixed with a coffee shot, both of which helped with the early morning starts!
Above is Ama with her cherry that had a pip in it… And Maria with her bobbing dance, just a little hint at the sillyness that happened backstage. Surprisingly I did not take as many photographs as I expected, mostly because I got distracted exploring with video (definitely a new crush of mine).
The shows went really well, and if we are friends on facebook you will be able to see the videos of the new collection called Tribe 1 from Sassoon soon. I was in the Fruit section with 7 other lovely girls but mainly working with the fantastic Ama and Indre.
Above are two little stills of Ama, Indre and me (I’m in the purple jacket)!

One of my favourite videos that I made on this trip was a collaboration with Ama, we had fun playing around with the Fruit collection. I’m currently in the process of editing the video now and once it is done I’ll be publishing it on here. But for now here’s a still from one of the clips:


Hi there,

So this is my first ever time venturing into the world of blogging, I thought it would be a good idea to help keep update with things going on in my personal and work photography. This blog should hopefully be an insight into behind the scenes of everything.

I’m a London based photographer heading into the world of fashion and portraits; people and beauty have always interested me the most.

I also dabble a bit with hair modelling for Sassoon. It’s a fun part time job because of the people I have met, the countries I have been lucky enough to get taken to for shows, a deeper understanding for both sides of the camera and amazing hair, I can’t complain too much!

I have just finished making my own website,, it’s not complete just yet as there are things I want to take down and newer work to put up, but I’ll probably be saying that constantly.

My next little adventure is that on Friday I am off to Bologna in Italy with Sassoon for Cosmoprof, so when I’m back expect some photographs and a little experiment with video.