The trip was such an amazing time, excluding dramas of lost money and phones, missed flights etc. But what made it was the people I was with, the fantastic city and shows were a great bundle of fun. I am very pleased to report a growing addiction to Italian coffee and a new favourite desert of ice cream mixed with a coffee shot, both of which helped with the early morning starts!
Above is Ama with her cherry that had a pip in it… And Maria with her bobbing dance, just a little hint at the sillyness that happened backstage. Surprisingly I did not take as many photographs as I expected, mostly because I got distracted exploring with video (definitely a new crush of mine).
The shows went really well, and if we are friends on facebook you will be able to see the videos of the new collection called Tribe 1 from Sassoon soon. I was in the Fruit section with 7 other lovely girls but mainly working with the fantastic Ama and Indre.
Above are two little stills of Ama, Indre and me (I’m in the purple jacket)!

One of my favourite videos that I made on this trip was a collaboration with Ama, we had fun playing around with the Fruit collection. I’m currently in the process of editing the video now and once it is done I’ll be publishing it on here. But for now here’s a still from one of the clips: