Lights and Amanda

It's been while since I last blogged but that doesn't mean I haven't be busy! 
I visited Calumet in search for new studio lights to call my own, instead of annoyingly having to beg, borrow or steal them constantly. First time I went to the store the woman wasn't the best of help. Mainly being condescending, unhelpful and kept directing me towards cheaper and not as nice lights when I had already stated that I would love one of the Pro Bowens two head kits. So understandably I was not looking forward to going back but I ended up with a lovely guy serving me instead this time. I choose the 750 Pro two head kit, he even managed to get a second larger soft box with all the trimmings thrown in for free!
To put my new purchase to good use one of the girls, Amanda, who also models for Sassoon, was available on the monday afternoon for a little fun test shoot at my flat, because the second part of our living room is a studio. And if things couldn't have been planned better she had just done a presentation show at one of the Bond street salons so we didn't have to worry about hair or make up!
Splattered across this blog entry is my photographs of the very beautiful Amanda, I'm only including a few photographs for now but watch out for some more on my website next week. During the shoot I also wanted to experiment with video I made little films after each outfit, background and lighting set ups were done. I'm currently editing it and going through a few different ideas for pacing and music, so once it is done I'll be publishing it on here.