Maria Moderna

A while ago I did a photo shoot with Nika Urbas for her fashion line Maria Moderna, again looking back through my older photographs I rediscovered them. So I thought I would share a couple of the images along with the link where you can buy her utterly fantastic clothes!

The one that I have my eye on is the Maria Moderna Home Dress (the one on the right), I adore the beautiful quilted details!

It was a really fun shoot to do, and I hope to work with Nika again soon.



One of the events that got in the way of my online life was a Sassoon trip to Sydney. I felt incredibly lucky to be asked to go again this year.
This year I also decided to stay a couple of extra days so the amazing Jaimie let me and another model Amanda stay at her house. She really was the best host, her breakfasts were some of the best I've ever had.
The extra two days where filled with a rainy trip to the zoo, fire works set to the song "baby you're a firework"... a light show happening around the centre of the capital, my bank blocking my card (useless people) but also lovely dinners and drinks to make up for the bank and weather.
Another difference with this trip was that Mark Hayes cut my hair on stage for the first show and I finally have a straight fringe, which is completely new experience for me. Below is Mark talking about my hair after the main show at the Sydney Convention Centre (not my photo of course!).


So it's been awhile

Sadly life seemed to have gotten in the way of my blog and updating my website with new images, which will be done shortly!

I was cleaning out my computer and external hard drive making room for new and hopefully exciting images when I came across the first photographs I did for an exhibition for Sassoon, so I thought I would share them here.

These were for my old hair dresser Jeremy Davies, who is one of the senior creative directors. The presentation was really fun to do, not only did I get to show around 20 of my photographs but I also modelled in the show.