Edeline Lee SS13

The second show I photographed of the Sassoon team at London Fashion week was the Edeline Lee SS13 show. The show took place in an amazing room in the Royal Geographical Society and the clothes were utterly beautiful. The rest of my photographs can be seen here: Sassoon Academy Facebook

"Sassoon Senior Creative Director Damien Peers who explained that, the inspiration for the show was taken from the 1930's intellectual bohemian women, Vita Sackville West, Virginia Woolf and Nancy Cunard. Mixing their female masculinity and fragility with a slightly futuristic feel gave a surreal look."


Jasper Garvida SS13

On my first full day back in London from the Japan trip I was asked by Sassoon to photograph their team at work for Jasper Garvida's SS13 London Fashion week show. The rest of my images can be seen here: Sassoon Academy Facebook

The above photograph can also be seen on the Hairdressers Journal blog with a more technical description on how the styles were created here: HJi Jasper Garvida


Tokyo - The Holiday

From Tokyo with LOVE...

The following photos are a little insight into a few things we did in Kyoto and Tokyo on our week off. It was such an amazing week and I can't believe we fitted everything in from the Bullet train, temples, shrines, a third hair show of Mark Hayes cutting my hair on stage, bike rides, museums, restaurants, spending an evening drinking with geishas (...best night ever!), monkeys, Kabuki, an hour in a Cat Cafe and boating.

A very bemused taxi driver.

The monkey park in Kyoto

Spotted at the Zen gardens, Kyoto


A Cat Cafe in Tokyo.
Literally one of the weirdest hour we've ever had.

A Kyoto temple and it amazingly doubles up as a bar.


My new phone case on the right.

Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo

A roof top bar in the middle of Shinjuku, Tokyo.


Tokyo - Sassoon Shows

Every year a Sassoon hairdressing competition takes place in Tokyo and involves the whole of Japan, the event concludes with a Sassoon Academy show. I felt incredibly lucky to get the chance to go this year, and I was also asked to take backstage photos of the trip for Sassoon's social networking sites. The rest of my images can be seen here:

Each model was in two different presentations so the first two days were filled with hair prep, make up checks and rehearsals, which all took place in a central beauty school in Tokyo.

Technical rehearsals at Chiba Port Arena at the end of the second day.

The room was already set up for the hairdressing competitions, competitors cut hair in the middle of the room while their fans and family cheered them on then Mark Hayes and the Sassoon team would judge each entry.

Above: Kat and Maria my travelling partners!

Below is a photograph of Kat and me with our favourite make up artists. These girls literally couldn't be any cuter and had some killer dance moves at the karaoke in the evening!

After this first week of work in Tokyo Maria, Kat and myself took an extra week off to travel around Japan, staying 4 nights in Kyoto then the rest of our time in Tokyo. Another blog entry to follow with more photos shortly!