Tokyo - The Holiday

From Tokyo with LOVE...

The following photos are a little insight into a few things we did in Kyoto and Tokyo on our week off. It was such an amazing week and I can't believe we fitted everything in from the Bullet train, temples, shrines, a third hair show of Mark Hayes cutting my hair on stage, bike rides, museums, restaurants, spending an evening drinking with geishas ( night ever!), monkeys, Kabuki, an hour in a Cat Cafe and boating.

A very bemused taxi driver.

The monkey park in Kyoto

Spotted at the Zen gardens, Kyoto


A Cat Cafe in Tokyo.
Literally one of the weirdest hour we've ever had.

A Kyoto temple and it amazingly doubles up as a bar.


My new phone case on the right.

Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo

A roof top bar in the middle of Shinjuku, Tokyo.