Inter Salon Soiree 2012

The Inter Salon Soiree is a in-house competition that Sassoon hold every year involving all the salons and academies around the world. During the afternoon the technical judging took place while the London salons prepped and rehearsed in their teams for the live presentations that happen during the show.

I loved coming back to photograph this show because I remembered when I started modelling for Sassoon this was one of my first 'big' shows I was in, the nerves! It's also a great show to spot new models and often up and coming stylists. But what I always find really impressive is how diverse and beautiful each presentation is. The rest of my photographs can be seen on Sassoon Academy's Facebook page here: Inter Salon Soiree Backstage

A MASSIVE congratulations to my favourite Sassoon couple, Pink Grubb (left) was awarded Teacher of the Year! And Matt Carroll (right) who was awarded Colourist of the Year! I really recommend a trip to his lovely new salon on the Kings Road.