Wella ITVA 2012: Madrid

Last weekend 10 Sassoon models were taken to Madrid for the Wella International Trend Vision Finals 2012, we were part of the new Haute Couture collection for Spring/Summer 2013 'The Sound of Colour' in a section called Decibel (inspiration can be seen below) "a colour trip where 70's glam fuses with punk attitude to create loud tones and brash style". These are some of my images from backstage during the prep days, rehearsals and the show day. I was in a group of 5 wearing white jumpsuits with goggles glued over our eyes, pretty odd!

The show opened with the beautiful tribute to Vidal Sassoon

Below are some of my iPhone images from the weekend, from the stage we performed on, make up practices and rehearsals. My mobile photos can be found on instagram: racheloates

Next stop for me is Abu Dhabi for the Formula One racing and visiting my family then on to Thailand for an actual holiday!