Australia - Sassoon 2013

Every year Sassoon Academy present 2 shows in Sydney and this year I was lucky enough to go again. It's such a great trip to be on and this time quite a few of us took extra time, so we could have a couple of free days in Sydney! Below is a mixture of my photographs from our work and free days...

Indre just before her hair cut

Every trip needs a Rosie

Final onstage rehearsals

Charlotte's interpretation of focusing

Watching the Vivid fireworks at Darling Harbour

Ida and me

Catching a train to the Three Sisters



Royal College of Art

Royal College of Art Graduation Fashion Show, hair by Sassoon


GFW 2013 - Fashion Strikes

Spent two days at Graduation Fashion week for a new up and coming fashion network called Fashion Strikes. These are some of my favourite photographs from the event. Also click here for a blog entry from Fashion Strikes about the textile art at GFW, which uses my photographs.

Nick Knight