Rasa Cekanaviciute - The Dress

A few of my photographs of Rasa's incredible dress.
Dress and Filming: Rasa Cekanaviciute
Model: Indre Zeciute
Make up Artist: Claire Nutt
Hair Stylist: Silvia Salerno from Sassoon
Shot on a rooftop in Brixton.



Here's a little preview of a shoot I did with 7 gorgeous Sassoon models.
The idea of the shoot was to look at the different ways Sassoon girls wear their hair outside of shows to go with their own personal style. So we've looked into pushed back styles, side partings, small plaits and a couple of girls do style their hair the way their hairdressers intended.

A little video is coming soon!

Models: Charlotte Mills, Alex Boyle, Ana Yong, Rasa Cekanaviciute, Kat Hawker, Ashild Bjorkeng Haugen, Sian Hunter
Make up: Claire Nutt, Rebecca Edwards
Hair: Michael Pitsillides, Alex Boyle


Beautiful Bald Barbie

My photograph in The Evening Standard!
Taken for one of Charles Saatchi's new books.