Congratulations to Lothar Wiessmann Sassoon's newest Senior Creative Director! Here are some of my backstage and model photographs from his presentation titled DISCONNECTED.

Styling - Cherrelle Douglas
Styling Assistant - Ebony Onwobolu
Designers - Noah Wilcox, Jiaoyao Wang & Marina T
Choreography - Holly France
Make up - Daniel Kolaric

The AMAZING team



Alliah is Sassoon's newest Senior Colour Director! These are my photographs from her presentation at the Sassoon Academy. I had a really lovely day covering the prep backstage and then shooting her gorgeous models.

Christina - cut by Kim from South Molton Street 
Jessie - cut by Yan from South Molton Street
Tish - cut by Davide from the Academy
Sophie - cut by Assistant Creative Director Gabin
Angela - cut by Assistant Creative Director Gabin

Amazing work done by:
Make up - Agne Bucmyte
Stylist - Alexa Chen
Clothes Designer - Romero Bryan
Choreographer - Holly France



Sterling Stuff is a fantastic new boutique on ASOS Marketplace, where model Monique Sterling finds homes for gorgeous vintage and other handpicked clothing. Here is a small selection of my photographs for the boutique and the start of a really exciting collaboration! 
The shop can be seen here: STERLING STUFF and the Instagram is sterlingstuffshop.

                      STERLING STUFF
                      STERLING STUFF!


Get The Gloss

Get The Gloss is an online expert health and beauty magazine. These are my backstage photographs from four video tutorials with Sassoon UK Creative Director Bruce Masefield. 

The videos can be seen here:

Filming: PocketMotionPictures
Director: Susannah Taylor
Make up: James O'Riley at Premier Hair and Make up
Models: Sophie Young and Alex O'Connor both at Storm


Saatchi: In Our Paradise...

On Wednesday night was the launch of The Firtash Foundation & Saatchi Gallery's 'In Our Paradise...' Exhibition.

                 Alistair Guy                                                                                                                       Billie JD Porter

                                                                                                                   Tamzin Marchant

                    Olivia Inge

                                                                                                                  Alex Ferns       

                       Nigel Whitmey & Abigail Thaw

                                                                                                                   Kate Fleetwood

                                                                                                                        Rupert Goold